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Carmen Brown
for President 2024

Limited Government
for the prosperity of Everyday Americans

Carmen Brown for President
Who, What, and Why

I believe that All people are created equally.

The better that our government reflects this fact of human nature, the greater the blessings of life we can enjoy.

I believe we have the capacity to solve our greatest problems. To succeed, our primary needs are honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. 

I believe the people of the United States have the capacity for the strongest and most dynamic economy in world history.  


I believe our system of government, ordained by our Constitution, is an example of progress but not perfection. It is well-made. The proof of its efficacy is over 200 years of uninterrupted service through peace, poverty, war, and wealth from the day of its ratification. If this social contract didn't work, we would have disposed of it. 


Additionally, our Constitution has given us room to grow. We have amended it to correct even grievous wrongs. We can look towards more progress. 

We can regain lives of purpose and grow together as a nation. Part of this process is cleaning and organizing our government, just like our homes. There are many aspects of our government that hold us back from success and progress.  

There are laws and government policies that burden people and businesses. These detriments prevent the common good. In almost every case, they serve a narrow political purpose. 

The goal of my administration is the rule of law. This means all people are equal before a lawful and well-ordered government.

Our government can regain a proper shape, be properly sized, and act with great strength, hewing to the equality of all persons. I will lead our nation to prune our government, like reshaping a tree in a beautiful garden.


To support the people, the government must be governed. I will govern the government, so that people may direct their own (not others') lives, property, and pursuit of happiness.

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We love our country and our Constitution's balanced structure. But a constitution is only as effective as the people who uphold it. All patriotic Americans must carry the President's oath to “support and defend the Constitution” in their hearts.


Over the last century, the protections within our government have eroded. Self-interest and violations of our constitutional principles have become all too common. I pledge that my administration will lead a restoration of clear constitutional lines to government power.


Times have changed since our nation's founding, but human nature is the same. Our greatest threat is an overpowering government; our best protection is a clear contract that states what powers the government has and doesn't have. That contract is the United States Constitution. With your help, I intend to honor it.


There is some confusion on the meaning of patriotism. In this campaign it means that we want our government to follow the rules. An important limit on our actions means that No violence can be perpetrated on behalf of this, my, presidential campaign. Honoring our Constitution and our American spirit means embracing principles of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness in free and open dialogue, and in lawful actions. When disagreements arise, respect and empathy will carry the day.

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In all of human history, the best indicator of prosperity is the degree of liberty afforded to the common people. Even when liberty is limited in significant ways, this connection is impossible to miss:

Nations with increased liberty are at the top of the economic scale. Nations with increased tyranny are on the economic (and cultural) bottom. 

There is no universal guarantee that liberty and limited government lead to prosperity. But when a lawful government doesn't stand in our way, we are guaranteed a lifetime of opportunity to succeed.

Carmen Brown for President 2024 is a vote for the unlimited potential of us, when we have a limited government. 


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