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Campaigning for US President. LinkedIn version.

I've mulled over the idea of adding my presidential candidacy to my LinkedIn page. There's a definte downside to mentioning it. Can you think of an easier way to say "nutwack" right at the top of your page? Well, I've got to put my money where my mouth is. And I actually hope it serves to increase my chances of employment. Here is an excerpt from my updated LinkedIn page:About

Candidate for President of the United States in 2024. 

*My skills in computer programming, leadership, partnerships, writing, speaking, and study of the US Constitution, philosophy, and history make me well qualified to lead our nation's government in downsizing spending. 

*My personal demeanor, willingness to communicate, honesty, open-mindedness, and integrity make me well suited to balance the forceful competition of wills to spend. 

*The great hope of our nation is that our government is voluntarily limited as a means of self-protection. This Madisonian institution is the best government in world history. Yet, our tendency towards excessive government loads us with ever greater burdens, lying to us, nickel and diming us, and disregarding our lives. I will directly restore the principles of limited government where law allows, and I will work with all our governments, state and local, and the other two federal branches to renew our respect for liberty and limited government. 

*My greatest expression is that life is a gift. And with this life we have, we can achieve progress. Our most challenging problems are human created. Because we made our greatest problems, we can also solve them. We do this by looking within and conforming the lower parts of ourselves to what is higher. And when we relate to each other, we consider ourselves perfect equals before our laws and universal moral right. (What? You don't think that there's universal moral right? I am thankful and humbled for the opportunity to campaign as our next president, and I pledge my utmost to proactively defend your right to believe that and any other belief that conflicts with mine.)

*By relieving the American people from the heavy burdens of excessive government, my administration will usher in the largest and most dynamic economy in world history. I will limit federal administrative law to protecting liberty rather than protecting vested interests. 

In the meantime I'm a.... 

Mechanical Engineer with experience in product design and testing. Excellent analytical, organizational, and leadership skills.


* SolidWorks - thoughtful use of design tree, well defined assemblies

* Electronics - repair and prototyping, from Arduino to high power

* Research and Presentations - find the information, put it in context of project goals, present findings. 

* Python and C++ for simple to moderate complexity code 

* Prototyping - delivering engineered products driven by customer needs

* MS Office - Word, Excel and Power Point (engaging presentations)

*Leadership/followership - teachable, relatable and consistent.

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