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Domestic Focus, Global Results

In our pursuit of a stronger nation, we must prioritize the challenges and problems that exist within our borders. While it's natural to have concerns for global issues, our public-government focus must be on the immediate needs of our people.

Attempting to solve the world's problems is not only a diversion from addressing our own critical issues but may also lead to unintended consequences, potentially exacerbating the very problems we aim to resolve.

We must recognize the limitations of our influence and the potential risks of overextension. Our primary responsibility is to the citizens of our nation, and it is through strengthening our own foundation that we can ultimately contribute positively to the world.

We are the stewards of our destiny, and no one else can solve our problems just as we cannot solve the world's problems single-handedly. Let us work together to create a prosperous and secure future for our people, and from that position of strength, extend our compassion and cooperation to the global community.

Let's never forget that America stands as the most generous nation in the history of the world. Our people, through their compassion and kindness, continually contribute to the needs of others across the globe. While these voluntary efforts might appear small in comparison to the vast resources our federal government controls, we must remember the lesson of the widow at the treasury. Her 'two mites' held greater value than all other wealth combined, for they were given from the heart. When people choose to give voluntarily, they invest not only their resources but their care and empathy, guiding their contributions towards real and lasting change. Though the dollar amounts may at times be smaller, people working together in voluntary community create the beautiful outcomes that truly make a difference. This is the spirit of giving that we should nurture and encourage.

My administration is committed to building a strong and prosperous America that begins with addressing our domestic challenges. By focusing on our own needs first, we will set an example of success, compassion, and innovation. By this we pave the way for global leadership. My administration will not impose solutions on the world's problems. Rather, we will demonstrate how we get things done. We will show how a nation thrives when the people are empowered by free-will service to each other, in all aspects of life: family, commerce, and community.

Our generous spirit of voluntary deeds will improve our nation and influence the world for good. The truest leadership is measured by dedication to principles that resonate here at home and globally. Our greatest contribution to the world is a strong, resilient, and compassionate nation. Together, we will create an America that leads by an example of real solutions.

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