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No Crime = No Seizure

As president, asset forfieture will immediately stop unless a person is charged with a crime. Stories like this are unbelivably disgusting. And, they won't just stop moving forward. In cases where someone wasn't charged with a crime, the federal agency will be required to refund the money with interest. If there is legitimate paperwork, you will get your money back. If you were charged with a crime, you might get your money back, but you're going to be a lower priority, among all the other priorities. Being charged with a crime doesn't mean you're guilty, so, like I say, if you have a good case, then you will be able to pursue the refund.

I'm sorry for all the taxpayers who will ultimately be paying for these refunds, but I have some good news. The other spending cuts we'll make will cover the difference.

For common decency in the law, vote Carmen Brown.

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