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The Fundamental Choice: Acknowledging America's Spending Problem

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Reduce federal spending. Our total debt is approximately $33 trillion. This is money spent that must eventually be repaid. Failing to repay it will cause the most giant financial hole the world has ever seen. Yes, it's that large. It must be repaid.

Repaying this money might seem almost impossible. But let's not get down on ourselves. We can take the positive actions to begin full repayment. We can accomplish this important fiscal responsibility. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and to our creditors.

We can also know that we will become stronger and more sure of ourselves in a realistic and positive way when we fulfill our financial obligations. Living within our means will help our bottom line, and much more. Our American dream is within our reach, but not by overspending. Our American dream is found in our families and our communities, reaching across our differences, pledging our honor, courage, and commitment to each other. No amount of money can replace the infinite power of one person helping another for good.

Let's keep in mind that when we do the right thing, for the right reasons, we will get good results. When we do the right thing, even for imperfectly good reasons, we will get good results, albeit imperfectly good results. I'll take imperfectly good results. I'll take imperfectly good results compared to the alternative of overspending ourselves and our children into perfect oblivion. The alternative to financial responsibility is ruin, debt, and collapse.

Many people feel that America is trending downwards. I invite them to consider the impact our gross overspending and debt has on our national well being. There is no magic wand to wave away the doom and gloom that clouds an ever darker pall on even the sunniest days.

What is the way up and out? What is the first step to financial responsibility? How do we prevent total financial collapse? How do we solve these seemingly impossible money problems?

Are you ready for the answer? Do you want an answer? The answer is: You. The answer is you specifically. Not a national you. Not a generalized you. Not a you that means someone else. Not a you that is lost in the crowd. The answer is you, admitting that there is a spending problem and that it's making our lives unmanageable. It starts with you taking responsibility for the financial state of our nation. You can take this first step regardless of what anyone else does. But you all alone doesn't a nation make.

The goal of my presidency is that we take this step together, as a nation. Our nation, from many: one. E PLURIBUS UNUM. When we take this step together, we never again need to use our federal finances to mask our feelings and fears. When we take this step as a nation we will nationalize the benefits of every individual that takes this step. We will gain freedom from over spending. Our finances will recover. We will feel like we were meant to live. We will not be perfect, but we will make progress in our endeavors.

OK, then. Let's sum up our options. Total financial destruction on one hand. Honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness on the other. You might ask, but what about the middle ground? What about the candidates who say that the debt doesn't matter, or that they will grow the economy enough that the debt doesn't matter? Do you believe that? Do you believe an infinite supply of money is possible? Do you believe we can outrun a debt that is always gaining speed?

The middle ground is a fish hook with bait. The middle ground between over-spending and financial responsibility is pencil line thin. It's really more of a dividing line than a ground you can stand on. The fact is we have the largest debt in all of human history, plus an additional $10,000,000 in just the time it took you to read this essay. This problem is like a consuming addiction, complete with denial, rationalization, short-term gratification, blame shifting, escalation, and co-dependent behaviors.

Vote Carmen Brown for President 2024 for financial recovery for ourselves, our children, and our national well being. I will lead us to trim the tree of our tangled federal government. I will lead us to pull the thorny weeds. I will lead us to drain the stinking, standing water that surrounds Washington, D.C. and fills the air of our entire nation. I want us to know and believe that we have the power to live within our means. Financial recovery is an option. Sane living is an option.

My other essays will outline more concrete steps to achieve financial recovery. The purpose of this essay is to address one need: to admit we have a problem. If we can't do that, then none of my concrete steps matter. If there is no problem, then any solution I propose is pure folly. I've outlined the problem and the alternatives. Now I'm asking what you believe in: more debt or financial recovery?

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