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Yucca Mountain and Nuclear Waste

I am eager to tackle our deepest domestic issues. One thing you won't get from me is starting a war to distract from domestic politics. Hey, you can believe or not believe that presidents would do such a thing. I'm just saying, that's not my style. I'm in this because I want things cleaned up. Speaking of deep cleaning, I'd like to begin negotiations with various groups and residents regarding the nuclear waste we have stored at various sites around our nation.

Are we content with the current state of nuclear waste storage? This is a multi-faceted issue that requires us to ask difficult questions. For instance, should we consider expanding our nuclear power capabilities without first resolving existing waste storage problems? It's not just about immediate costs—can we assure the safe storage of nuclear waste for thousands of years? While some solutions, like launching waste to the moon, may seem far-fetched, they provoke necessary dialogue. Let's weigh the ethical, financial, and environmental implications of each potential course of action.

The moon question is a bit of a joke, but if there was a safe way to transport all our nuclear waste to the moon for less than 80 billion dollars, it might be a bargain. I'm open to discussing many options. Of course, the conversation needs to be brought down to earth. And at the heart of the conversation is negotiation and willingness. Previous storage solutions like at Yucca Mountain were deeply opposed. Is anyone in opposition willing to talk about this? What is needed for buy in? I'm talking about people reaching a consensus. And in that discussion, Yucca Mountain might not be the answer.

My strength as president is not that I'm an expert in nuclear waste storage. I covered the subject of radioactive decay a few times in my education. That amounted to a few math problems that led me to the understanding that nuclear waste stays around a long time. You don't need an engineering degree to press the "I believe" button for that bit of knowledge. I'm not much farther along in my nuclear waste storage than most Americans. OK, maybe I know a little more about ground water and geology than most Americans. But with a few good videos on You Tube, if you're behind, you can catch right up to me.

My strength as president lies in my willingness to negotiate on a level with people. This your country as much as it is mine. This is a tough problem. It needs leadership. And honestly, dealing with this problem can be as exciting on the news cycle as any war. It's even more exciting because we're solving a problem rather than creating them. War is adrenaline, but it's not fulfilling. No one leads a satisfied life because of our invasions of other countries. No one felt joy and happiness over the many wars we've fought in the last 70 years. But we can feel joy and satisfaction if we solve problems rather than sweeping them under the rug. Even if we don't arrive at a solution. At least we gave the problem some serious effort. That's something. The possibility of achieving a solution is seriously exciting.

Nuclear waste, here I come. Vote Carmen Brown for United States President 2024. Incidentally, here won't be an inauguration ball. We'll spend that money on a few Geiger counters. Oh, that reminds me. I did give a presentation on Rutherford's gold foil experiment, discovering the atomic nucleus. Turns out he was able to count the alpha particles and locate their impact with the help of his assistant: Mr. Hans Geiger himself. So again, if I'm out in front on this issue, it's not my technical knowledge, but my desire to make progress.

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